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Oak staircase spindles before restoration

O​a​k​ ​spindles after san​ding, priming and repaint​

Cedar ramp and dock before wash and treatment

Ced​ar ramp and dock afte​r wash and restoration

Oak staircase spindles, treads and railing before restoration

Oak staircase spindles, treads, and railing after sanding and restoration

1960 dresser before restoration

1960 dresser after surface preparation and restoration

Garden shed before restoration

Garden shed after wash, sand, prep and repaint

Cottage before repaint

Cottage after pressure wash, sand and repaint

Left side of deck is original.

Right side is after pressure wash and full sanding.

Deck after full re-stain

Built-ins before re-paint

Built-ins after re-paint

Early 90's paint glazing before re-finish.

Sand, surfac​e prep and re-paint

Kitchen cabinet re-finish

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