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Wall-2Wall Painting is here to take on a large array of your interior painting needs.  We are available to paint a small bathroom or your entire home.  No job is too small.  No matter what the project is, you can expect a quality paint job.  At Wall-2-Wall Painting, our quality jobs consist of removing all electrical switch plates, moving and covering furniture in plastic where necessary.  We will use drop sheets to protect your floors. At this point, we are ready to start the prep work.  Prep work can consist of many things.  Our minimum standard service is to fill all nail holes,  dings and imperfections, repair any minor drywall repairs or cracks, and then prime anywhere that we performed significant prep work.   Once the prep work is done, the actual painting can begin.  We use high quality supplies and materials which will in turn add to the overall quality of your project.  Using higher quality supplies and products increases the life of your job and enables us to get the job done faster with a better overall look.  With interior painting, we cut in and roll out two coats of paint as a standard.  If replacing the paint with the same colour, a single coat may be done but we recommend two coats of paint to ensure proper coverage and longer lasting durability.  A full prime is always required over new drywall, and often to seal vibrant or deep dark colours.  The customers job is to sit back, relax and let us take care of the painting for you!  A detailed estimate will be provided and delivered to you before we commence the job.  Once we have agreed on the estimate, we guarantee that you will be happy with the finished product!


Cottage to home, From garage door painting to aluminum or wood siding, big or small, we paint them all!  No job is too big or too small.  We will breakdown our estimates into detailed options to enable our customers for easier budgeting.  This breakdown enables the customer to prioritize according to their budget and decided whether they can complete their project in a portion or entire project.  We will work with you and will provide the required breakdown in order to provide flexibility for you to reach your end goal.  Similar to interior painting, exterior painting requires a large amount of prep work.  We take preparation very seriously and realize that sometimes the prep work will take longer than the actual paint application.  We have a process that we follow when it comes to exterior painting.  The surface will be pressure washed, stripped, sanded, scraped and treated as necessary.  A final clean of the surface will be competed in order to remove dust particles and dirt created from the prepping procedures.  Once this is complete, the final product is applied.  In some circumstances a primer will be necessary to ensure proper adhesion of the top coat. 


No matter the scale of the job, we are your first choice for high quality staining work.  We perform jobs such as applying a maintenance coat of stain to your deck, or completely stripping and sanding off previous coats of stain or paint, pressure washing the surfaces with a heavy duty deck wash and applying a fresh coat of clear, semi or solid coat of stain, to refinishing your staircase in your home.